Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beautiful Autumn

October was so beautiful in Beavercreek, and we got out as much as possible...
Acorns... again:)

 Family pictures in our yard...

Eyes closed haha


Monday, January 27, 2014

Annual California trip

At the start of October, we made it to California for Grandma Helen's 96th birthday bash!  She and Noelle were so happy to see each other again:) 
Noelle is showing off her cool toddler bruises/scars.
Here's everyone at Helen's party- Leigh and Randy- their boys, Stephanie- her girls, Ron and Sue, Nancy Arneson, cousin David and his girlfriend.  It was fun to see everyone and I wish we didn't live so far apart!
 Next, we headed to Pacific Grove in northern CA, where Dan and Paul golfed at Spyglass Hill:
 Noelle got some awesome Grandma and Grandpa time:
We visited the Monterey Aquarium (awesommmmme!)
 Here is the "Lavendar House" we stayed in in Pacific Grove.  It was walking distance to the....


September 2013

Paul played on the USA team in the Dayton soccer league.  Noelle was his biggest fan.
Noelle and I visited Nashville at the end of September since Abram was visiting as well.  We tried to take some family pictures.  This was the best one:
Kitchen at Costco.  My dream present for Noelle.  Someday...
This is Paul's favorite pic of Noelle ever, probably.  She put the boot on like a necklace and apparently it wasn't too uncomfortable.

Paul and Jo Nell Falcon drove through and stopped by.  They are Paul's godparents and we were so, so happy to see them!

At the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival, on a very hot day.
Noelle coloring with Scarlett Erickson

My favorite picture ever.  Lunch with daddy.

Rubber Duck Regatta fundraiser in Dayton.  Oh soooo fun, even though we didn't win the Ford Fiesta.

ACORNS.  If I had to pick one word to define the fall of 2013.  Every day we collected, made new piles for the squirrels, came outside to see how many the squirrels had eaten etc. etc. 


Football season started, so we had to take some portraits:
We tried to enjoy the great outdoors:
Noelle with friends Clementine and Violet

Visiting the goats at the Dairy again.


Hiking here in Beavercreek
Biking with Daddy
First bowling experience:)