Friday, May 20, 2011

Mr. Governor

We met the governor of Wyoming! What a treat!

Tonight we went to the Armed Forces Day banquet, and he was the speaker. My main goal the whole evening was to get a picture with Governor Mead. I mean, when the heck is a governor going to be more accessible than the one in Wyoming? Never.

What a fun evening. Every time I go to a military event, my appreciation grows for those that serve and their families (especially those that get deployed). I love the events and banquets because they do such a good job at honoring Veterans, those serving, and especially those that have lost their lives and their loved ones. God bless America and its freedom!

A couple months ago:

Back in February (I'm a little behind I guess), was the annual awards banquet and SHOUT OUT to my husband. Paul was nominated for Company Grade Officer of the year. He went up against 4 others and didn't win (although he should have jk all the nominees were great). I am very very proud of him and how hard he works at his job. Here are a couple pictures where Paul has his nominee medal on.

Happy Armed Forces Day, everyone:)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Marriage to Paul

A couple non-facebook-ers have requested to see some wedding pictures- and I am excited to post because I can't get enough of them! I wonder if all brides are this self-centered when it comes to their wedding:) We got married in the Nashville, TN temple. We had a ring ceremony at Owen Chapel in Brentwood, and a reception at the Puffy Muffin where I used to work during the summers.

The Happy Couple:

Friends and Family:

The Details:

The Children:

And last but not least, the winner of most awkward-but-best-ever photo:

The end! Thank you for sharing our special day with me!