Saturday, August 14, 2010

Planning... my wedding? weird. but good.

Well, it's Saturday morning (Sidenote: Weekends are my new best friend), and I have a bit of a tummy ache. So, instead of cleaning the kitchen floor as planned, here we go.

What to blog about? Well I guess I could blog about the fact that I'm getting married! Woo hoo. Wedding planning has been a very fun experience! Okay, so I already have my wedding dress. But here are some of the rejects:
(I don't think I have any dude blogging friends, so I think immodesty is safe.)

Okay, I loved the last one when I tried it on. But then I found an even better one that's easier to modest-ize at a little consignment boutique in Ft. Collins:)

And I have shoes:

And these are my colors (although hard to see I think in a picture...) They are kind of deep purple, red, and blue with ivory.

My bridesmaids are going to be Kate, Katie, and Many and we already found beautiful dresses for them!

My friend Danielle is going to do my cake, and I am so excited that I get to have a good friend make it!!!

Right now, we are working on reception stuff the most and on registering. any tips? Haha there's so much to do, but it is fun! We are going to do Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target since they actually have those here in Wyoming! Paul and I went and got started at B, B, & B and it was really fun:)

The weirdest thing for me has been being apart from friends and family during all the planning. But I have had good, new friends here help me out! And I've had lots of happy time on the telephone:)


  1. Is Paul not a dude blogging friend? :)

  2. So fun! I'd love to read a post about dating/engagement journey with Paul since I don't know it. Congratulations! And you are so super skinny. Are you still running? I'm training for a marathon on Jan. 1st right now.

  3. So I was going to put a link from my blog to yours when I did Kate's shower post, but I remembered what you said about boys not viewing your blog so I didn't, just to be safe. Not that I have any dude blogging friends, but you NEVER KNOW. Maybe some hot secret admirer has been stalking me for months. One can only hope!

  4. Beautiful pictures Tessa! Very fun that you are sharing them. :-) Congratulations again. Have so much fun with the whole getting married process! Being married is awesome. Registering is pretty cool too though. :-) Target was my favorite.

  5. How fun! You look gorgeous! And my favorite was the last one as well, that's amazing on you, if the one you picked was even better, I know you're going to look stunning! Do you know when and where yet? I'm so glad to see pictures and hear about what you're doing... can't wait to see more (and love the colors by the way!)

  6. Congrats! I think I have read your entire blog and didn't see a post about a proposal... hello? We need details :) I love the last dress as well!

  7. Congratulations! We are excited for you! Have fun with the planning!