Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forever a Cougar

These days, unfortunately, the word "Cougar" can have quite the negative connotation. So when I happily proclaim myself as a Cougar forever, be assured I am a BYU Cougar forever! lol.

I have been obsessed with March Madness and with Jimmer. Paul and I went and played basketball yesterday morning (probably only the 3rd time in my life- I'm sports challenged) and the whole time I just wanted to play like Jimmer. It totally didn't work. I think my FG percentage was about 6%, and my 3-pointer percentage was definitely 0%.

While I was so sad to see BYU lose, I am so proud of their trek to the Sweet Sixteen and what a fun ride it was! We enjoyed their last game against Florida with our friend Becca and some BYU treats:

(Please note the cute apron above MADE by my friend Nikki! Such a fun present!)
(Please note the supportive husband above.)
FYI when trying to make blue cookies, use a recipe that uses shortening instead of butter. No amount of blue food coloring was going to de-greenify (thank you Wicked) these cookies.

:) I love me some food, friends, and Cougars!


  1. Wish I could've been there to eat those cookies! So sad to see them lose, but they gave it a good effort!

  2. Yeah!

    I'm pulling for VCU now. It's like "BYU" but a little quicker and going to the Final Four...:)

  3. Ha ha I never thought about the two types of "Cougars" getting mixed up. :-)

    I don't follow any sports at all but I can't help but know who Jimmer is just from logging on to facebook!