Sunday, January 20, 2013

White Christmas (Almost)

We had a beautiful first Christmas with Noelle in Port Angeles with the Hendricksons.  Noelle loved it there.  We were SPOILED and I feel lucky to be part of the Hendrickson clan.  We went to a Christmas Eve service and Judy and Dan's church, and had a magical morning the next day opening presents and enjoying each other.  

The first present:

It snowed for five minutes... Does that count?  


  1. Wow, the Hendrickson's property is beautiful!
    I can't believe you are moving so soon.....and don't even know where! Craziness. Good luck, I am anxious to hear where you will be going.

  2. Tessa, Noelle is just absolutely adorable. When will you find out where you guys are moving to? I can't wait to hear all about it. No stress.... chocolate is a great consumption.