Monday, November 16, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

Christmas hit me on Saturday! Huzzah! I haven't been able to stop listening to Christmas music, lighting Christmasy candles, or thinking about decorating for Christmas. I know there are people out there who hate people like me because Thanksgiving hasn't come yet. So you'll have to indulge me for one little blog post. Here is what Christmas is to me...


Presents from Dad


Gingerbread Houses

Santa (I know him!)

Presents and Clarence

Christmas Eve Fondue

Cutting down my own tree (okay... I've only done this once.)

Christmas pistachio bars


Merry Christmas to all! God bless us, everyone- Tiny Tim


  1. Tessa, I love your blog! It is so you: so funny and witty. I'm excited to see more of this and get my Tessa fix. Yay for Mexico, and Christmas greens! I hope the busy semester is going well!

  2. Usually I'm one of those people who hates Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I don't know what happened to me this year, but I've already listened to "All I Want for Christmas is You" like twelve times! I love your pictures!

  3. I miss Christmas pistachio bars! Is the recipe a secret?