Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family away from Home

Many, Katie, Tessa, and Kate:

I'd like to introduce my family away from home:) My amazing roommates:

Kate: Kate teaches 5th grade in Springville. She got her Master's degree in education at NYU. She plays the harp beautifully! When she's playing, neighbors that hear will come over and lay on the floor just to listen:)

Katie: Katie (check out her blog to the left) teaches choir at Dixon Middle School in Provo. She has a beautiful voice. She has helped me learn how to accessorize my outfits (I struggle).

Melissa: Her nickname is Many. (Check out her blog to the left also.) Many also teaches choir, but at a high school in Orem. She has mad skills! She's very involved in musical productions in the community.

Fun things we have done together:

American Idol Concert


Group dates

Eating food

Traveling to Prince Edward Island!!

So fun:) Once again... I'm a lucky woman:)


  1. Those are much different than the biographical sketches I wrote in PEI of the roommates...You're so sweet!