Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas #2

My first trip to the Pacific Northwest! I visited Paul's parents in Port Angeles, Washington. It was beautiful there and it was fun to spend time with Paul and his parental units. I got to do "Christmas" with the fam because Paul isn't going to be there for Christmas, so they celebrated early. Here's some trip highlights (and for all you Twilight fans, this is where the books take place!).

Lake Crescent (in between Forks and Port Angeles I think):

The rainforest at Lake Crescent

The Hendricksons:

The Hendricksons were so nice to have me in their home! Here's Dan, Paul, Judy, and Hunter the dog.

They even made me pizza one night!

During our Christmas celebration, Hunter got three whole presents:)

They even had presents for me! I am so lucky:) They got me smartwool socks and some nice notecards. Paul got me a cute little stuffed bear and....

A Better-than-a-Snuggie. Wow.

Port Townsend (It's east of Port Angeles I think):

We ate at a really yummy restaurant on the port.

I LOVE lighthouses and I was freaking out about this one. Isn't it beautiful?

Paul, Judy and Hunter with the lighthouse.

Hanging out with the ocean.

For all you Twilight fans! :) This sign was on the way home from Port Townsend.

The Llamas:

This is the view from the house. Judy owns 3 llamas that live in a barn to the right of the house. This is their pasture:)

Here they are! I only remember one name- Einstein is the one on the right.

I fed Einstein with my own bare hand! It was a new experience for me haha!

Judy feeding her llamas.


Ferry on the way to Seattle!

Paul took a bullet for me. Paul and I were sharing a very romantic moment together on the ferry as we watched the Seattle skyline come closer and closer. Then Mr. Seagull decided to poop on us. Paul saw it all in slow motion and pushed me out of the way, because the poop was coming toward my head. Consequently, he took one for the team.

I only got a little splash on me:)

We saw a Mannheim Steamroller concert in Seattle.

Overall, a dream vacation and I didn't want to leave. But the fact that my next destination was Tennessee helped a little bit:)


  1. What a beautiful place! It looks like you had so much fun. What a guy... taking bird poop for you. That's when you know it's love.

  2. I loved this post!! What kind of a dog is Hunter?! I've never seen a dog like him in my whole life!! That's a cute striped shirt you were wearing in the Port Townsend that new? I love the better-than-a-snuggie. Paul is such a good present chooser. Did he like his present?! I'm dying to hear!!

  3. Tessa...I'm so glad that you update your blog frequently. I feel like I know a little more about your life. I'll try to repent this week. But I can't promise anything. I need some Tessa time when you get back. Schedule me in. I'm serious. I want to hear about everything.

  4. TESSA DEAR!!! Merry Merry Christmas!!! It looks like it's been a ton of fun.. I hope Tennessee is wonderful too as I'm sure it will be! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!

  5.'s so great that you got to visit Washington!!! I haven't ever had a white Christmas there, but it's so beautiful it doesn't matter. What an awesome Christmas break!

  6. I know those places! Looks like you had fun? How did you like the ferry? I feel like it's a great way to experience Seattle. The great Pacific Northwest!

  7. That's beautiful! Looks like a really fun trip. I love it up there!