Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas #3

My third Christmas was in Tennessee- home sweet home. It was snowing the night I came in, but has been fairly warm since then.

Danielle gave me Christmas-y nails. She is amazing! :)

Christmas was interesting this year because, due to water damage, we are getting new hardwood floors... the workers were here until 5 pm on Christmas Eve trying to give us some floor to have Christmas. Thank you nice floor workers! Here are some Christmas Eve pics:

We still had our Christmas Eve cheese and chocolate fondue:

Santa was nice to us... I got this remote controlled helicopter...

My dad got this tent. He has already slept twice in it in the backyard. I got my mother a Better-than-a-Snuggie which she is sporting below.

Lastly, I got to meet my friend Jeneal's little baby McKayla. SO CUTE.

Tomorrow Danielle is having a baby girl, so maybe I'll put more baby girl pictures up soon:)


  1. Yay for Christmas!! That's awesome you got THREE this year!

  2. Sweet home Tenessee! I need to call you. That was on my Christmas break list... Your house looks like fun. I like the brick--and the new flooring. That's nice they worked on it on Christmas Eve for you guys. Anyway, Happy New Year and I hope to talk to ya soon.