Friday, January 15, 2010

My Stars

It's time to share my fantasy basketball team with the world. My team has had its ups and downs and probably more downs than up. But even through my daily cursings, I still love my team:)

Here are some of my stars:

Gilbert Arenas: Gave me some huge numbers with points and assists. He's recently pled guilty for a felony charge- carrying a pistol without a license. He apparently was keeping some firearms in his locker and threatened a teammate with them. He is currently suspended from the NBA at least for this season. Smart Gilbert, Smart.

Next, there's good ole' Danny Granger who is helping me maintain a lead in three-pointers. He's been fairly solid although he was out for a few weeks with a heel injury. Luckily he came back right before Gilbert's suspension.

My third primary player is Mr. Stud-muffin Chris Bosh. He has been my official star as he has stayed injury-free (knock on wood), hasn't had any domestic violence charges pressed against him, and hasn't taken firearms into his locker room. Thank you thank you thank you Chris. I love you.


  1. I would have expected more fom Gilbert Blythe's namesake. Gilberts don't do illegal things.

  2. Tessa, I love your blog and I love that you have a fantasy basketball team!!