Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye Provo, Hello Wyo

I never really gave Provo a proper blog goodbye, so here goes:

As a goodbye treat, Many and I treated Kate and Katie to a super fun hotel night. It was in the Residence Inn right across the street from our apartments! :)

The hotel even had each of our favorite Ben and Jerry's:

Then, I said goodbye to BYU in the proper way- with a "Y" hike:

Then, I had my last dance:

And said goodbye to these gals:( :(

My parents and I said goodbye to some important landmarks. Here's my parents at the house where I lived from age 0 to 2 months old:

Here's Snow Hall- Where my mom lived many years ago and met my dad as a BYU student. Where I lived my first 2 years of college... I always wanted to be just like my momma. Yay!

And here's one of my favorite places to eat in Provo: Nicolitalia's Pizzeria. yum:

Then, I graduated which was weird because it felt like I had just started my program...

Tahlia helped me look like a real graduate:

After I became an alumni, we packed all my heart, soul, and belongings into my car and Paul's truck and headed toward Wyo:

(I don't have any explanation for my outfit or Paul's face in the above pic. But I feel like they both wreak of a road trip, which makes me happy:) )

Devil's slide on the way:

We made it to Wyo:

And now I live here! :)


  1. Congratulations on moving to the homeland! How do you like it so far! Your apartment is super cute. i'm so happy for you! What is your job now? Love ya!

  2. Awww...your Provo pictures make me miss those school days. I need to visit the Creamery and Snow Hall and do another Y hike. Congrats on your move, and I love your new couch in your apartment!

  3. Hahaha..."the homeland".
    Wyoming for the win! :D

    I have a BYU friend from there...
    She lives in Germany now, though.
    On her way out she was all "there isn't room in this state for both me and Tessa" or something like that.

    [PS] This is Kats, by the way...I have no idea why it says "katy-pooh".

  4. O, Wow! You moved! When will I ever see you again?