Thursday, November 4, 2010

WARM places...

Recent trips to...

Orlando, FL for my first business trip ever:

Rancho Cuchomongo, CA (haha I have no clue how to say or spell it) to celebrate Grandma Helen's 93rd!:

Seattle, WA (okay, not warm, but not too cold! Just rainy) to reunite with long lost but beloved roommates!

*sniff sniff* Miss and love everyone!


  1. Fun! I'm jealous of the trips to warmer climate. It's cold.
    also, isn't Pike Place Market awesome!?

  2. So fun! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seattle and seriously think I could live there even though it rains so much.

    Call me if you guys come out to Rancho Cucamonga again! Ryan's grandparents live there too. We only live about an hour away from that (on weekends when there isn't much traffic that is....)

  3. I've have a picture of me on that statue thing under the Fremont Bridge too (It is the Fremont Bridge, right?) but even after 20 so years of living near Seattle, I never went to the Space Needle. Very jealous of your trips - especially since I made my first stop in Cheyenne (to IHOP on the way to Denver, sorry we had no time to meet up, or I would have called you, it was a very short trip, and a very short IHOP stop, but I thought of you the entire time, I promise) and it was FREEZING!