Friday, December 24, 2010


So, I love the movie "Tangled." The lanterns are one reason I love the movie:

The kind king and queen of a village lose their baby daughter to kidnapping and they release floating lanterns into the air every year on the lost princess's birthday. The lanterns represent hope, love, searching, and faith. The lost princess loves the lanterns but does not know she is the lost princess. But, even though she has no proof or reason, she KNOWS the lanterns are for her and she knows she needs to be closer to the lanterns and find out more about them. This becomes her journey. Beautiful! And just like all of us.

After telling my family how much I love the lanterns, my dad and brothers tried to make me a floating lantern as a surprise, with wire, fire, and a garbage bag:


Merry Christmas everyone:)


  1. Wow! That is so cute! Now I know I need to see that movie! What a sweet gift they gave you:) That makes my little heart happy.

  2. I made floating lanterns on a first date once. But ours flew so far and so high - I think it ended up landing in somebody's yard so we just ran away really fast in case it caught something on fire.

  3. Ahhhhh - that's so sweet.
    (your cousin in Oakland - I can't sign in except with "Aunt Pat" from my blog - but I know I'm not your aunt)

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE your dad and that he made a lantern. That is AWESOME! :)