Wednesday, February 23, 2011

29th Birthday Trip: Day 2

On Day 2, Diane showed me around her neighborhood and I got to experience the Arizona warmth again.

Here Diane is getting Matthew ready for our morning walk. We walked through the desert (okay, on a pathway) to a playground where Matthew was soooo happy.
Then, Diane and Matthew showed me their neighborhood which is one of those community neighborhood places (what's the official name of those?). It was pretty dang cool! Matthew introduced me to some other children, and showed me the choo choo train.

Matthew took some time to stop and smell the flowers:

Matthew was lucky enough to get a piggy back ride but unfortunately, his mother couldn't see:

During Matthew's nap time, Diane and I ran to WalMart and got to see:

Then we did Valentine crafts for the husbands:

That night, Diane took me to an amazing Italian restaurant. Oh. my. gosh. Anyway, then I flew out at about 7 the next morning:( SUCH a good birthday!


  1. Did you see that Nikki saw an Oscar Mayer wiener mobile as well? Crazy! It was SO FUN to see you. Please come back and visit again.

  2. Happy late birthday and congrats on your wedding!!

  3. Yeah, we saw the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile in Tempe that Tuesday, a few days before that! Fun. Looks like good desert adventures!