Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Costa Ricaaaaa

These are honeymoon pictures. Paul surprised me with Costa Rica. For those of you that were at our wedding, I'll have you know that I first guessed it was going to be Costa Rica. Then Paul tricked me into thinking it was Brazil in order to get me off track. So, just so you know, I was right. Mwa haha.

DAY 1: Hike to La Fortuna Waterfall (okay, this might be more than one day...)

First, we stayed in San José
Then we ate our first Costa Rican food:
Then we got to our hotel in La Fortuna. Thank you personal pool, pina colada, and view of the cloud-covered Arenal Volcano:
Then we hiked to the waterfall!
Then we saw this on our drive home:

DAY 2: Rio Celeste.

Neither Paul nor I speak more than 8 words in Spanish, but we somehow navigated the trails.
The river was cold, but there was a little alcove that was hot water heated from lava/volcanic rock.
The sulphur turned my silver CTR ring this color:
One of my favorite pics from the trip:
Then we explored La Fortuna. Here's the big Catholic church in the center of town:
This was too risqué for facebook, but here's what we did next:

DAY 3: Zip-lining over the rainforest canopy:

I may or may not have cried before my first zip line segment (there were 8 of them).
While zip-lining, we saw the top of Volcano Arenal for the first time!!!

DAY 4: Hanging Bridges, nature walk near our hotel.

LOOK CLOSELY! There's a monkey.
Paul's favorite part of the nature walk:
What a fun, adventure-filled trip. I'm so grateful I got to be with Paul for his first international experience- Pura Vida!

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