Monday, December 12, 2011

Guessing Game!

Paul and I are keeping a tally of boy vs. girl guesses on our fridge.  Boy and girl guesses are currently tied.  If you'd like to make a guess, leave a comment here and let me know what you'd like your name under.  There are no prizes or incentive involved- it is purely a somewhat self-centered endeavor so that I have somewhere fun to put my anxious energy until Thursday.  AaaaaaahSoFun!!

And, we are sure it's not twins, so no need to go there.  ;)

Love to all!


  1. oooh! I guess girl. The only reason? Literally everyone I know who is pregnant right now is expecting a girl, so you might as well jump on that wagon. :) I'm really excited for you!!

  2. Gosh... I don't know.. I keep going back and forth. I'm always wrong, except for with Matthew. I guess... boy. I can't wait till Thurs either! I hope time goes by fast!

  3. I am guessing girl. Cam just guessed boy when I asked. Guess we are keeping things even.

  4. boy... as in a wyoming cowboy