Friday, January 6, 2012

21-Week Belly

We are officially halfway through pregnancy!!  This is very exciting.  What I've learned so far:

  • I should have started maternity pants sooner.  Hello comfortable!
  • I cannot shop in more expensive stores like Baby Gap.  I was able to restrain myself the first time, but I'm not sure I could do it again.  Luckily, there are lots of cute buys for cheaper:)
  • Baby girl has transitioned from light prancing and dancing to Tae-bo and kickboxing.  This is fine, but when she is kickboxing my bladder, I've learned to just adjust positions until she stops!
  • Related to my last bullet point, nothing makes me smile more than feeling her move:)
  • There are about 300 things you can buy to correctly swaddle/wrap a baby, 3 million crib options, and 3 billion stroller options.  I don't know where to start!
  • Many expectations I had of pregnancy were SO off that it's kind of funny.  I pictured morning sickness going away right after the first trimester, I pictured exercising 5 times a week, I pictured being able to eat all the time with everything tasting so wonderful!  Haha.
  • Slip on shoes are fabulous when you're pregnant!
  • Cocoa butter really helps the tummy itches.  And then I get to smell like a chocolate bar all day too!  Bonus!
  • It's very difficult to do non-baby-related blog posts.  Seriously, I've tried since I got pregnant.

Okay, here's the belly at 21 weeks.  Two different outfits because I swear every outfit makes the baby belly look different.

So fun!

Baby girl is already very spoiled, and has received some fun things in the mail from some of her "aunties"  :)  Yes, that's what I'm calling you guys.

So this is how I started smelling like a chocolate bar:  I texted my dear friend Summer (also pregnant with a girl right now) about how my tummy was so itchy and she showed up the next day at my door (I know, she's SO nice) with cocoa butter with a bow on top.  She has basically saved my life.  



  1. Love seeing your belly! You look great. And keep blogging about baby girl. We love to read. Although you probably get tons of advice, I definitely have my favorites when it comes to swaddling and running strollers. Let me know if you want it! Can't wait to see that baby girl. We are excited for you.

  2. I love these updates! Keep them coming. You look so great!

  3. Can't wait to see that little baby belly in person!

  4. Tessa, you are so cute! It is so hard to resist buying baby things. There are so many cute things out there, especially for girls. Yay for being past halfway!

  5. Ok. I guess now you're starting to look a little bit more pregnant:)