Monday, January 9, 2012

Burp Rags

Yes, a post about burp rags.  I never could have dreamed burp rags could make me SO HAPPY!

My good friend Summer and I dedicated an afternoon to sewing some burp rags.  She is due in February with a girl, so we've already had 2 baby girl dedicated activities together.

We went and got material at JoAnn's.  The employee that cut our fabric- her name was JoAnn.  That's when I knew this activity was going to be magical.

 Now, I always require direct supervision when doing crafts and especially sewing.  So of course Summer was my mentor and the sewer-extraordinaire.  
 This is what Levi did while we sewed.  (He was watching Cars.)
Here's how they turned out:  I LOVE them!!

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