Saturday, March 24, 2012

Turning Thirty

I turned 30 in February.  There is definitely a youthful feeling that accompanies being a twenty-something.  I was a little nervous about turning 30, but I was totally fine with it until the day after my birthday.  I think I finally realized my 20's were gone and they weren't ever coming back!

My 30th birthday was very special because of the people in my life.  We had a baby appointment on my birthday, then Paul surprised me with a yummy dinner and hotel stay in Fort Collins that night.  He also made me an amazing chocolate cake and had the waiter bring it out after dinner:)  By the way, he did all of this while being deathly ill (only a slight exaggeration) with an ear infection and cold.

So the next day we were driving back to Cheyenne and I was reflecting on how I would never get my 20's back lol.  We got home and this is what I walked into (photos courtesy Heidi):

My husband and my dear friend Summer organized it.  I felt so loved (and surprised:).  I still feel overwhelmed that they would do this for me.  It was so fun and made my 30th birthday so magical and happy!  That everyone may feel so special on their decade change!  :)


  1. Glad you felt special on this birthday! I'm nervous about leaving my twenties as well.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Tessa. What a beautiful surprise party! You deserved it.

  3. Awesome birthday celebrations! Good job to Paul! I know 30 is at the end of the year for me, too!

  4. Happy Birthday! What a fun party!