Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A MAJOR Accomplishment

Paul promoted from Captain to Major last week.  I must admit I was a little sad because I loved my husband being a "Captain."  I think that's because of Captain Von Trapp in Sound of Music.  Ah, I need to watch that soon.

Major Hendrickson:

Being sworn in at his promotion ceremony (I remember he pledged to uphold the Constitution but I don't remember what else it entailed... I am so crappy at being a military wife.)

With Judy and Dan- pinning on the new little Major thingys to replace the Captain thingys:

I know this post is supposed to be all about the awesomeness that is Paul.  And it is.  BUT I just have a couple little pics of baby girl.

Here's Noelle in her little promotion dress:

Paul got Judy and I bouquets per tradition, but also got Noelle her own little bouquet from Daddy.  Hello CUTE idea Paul!

Congratulations to Paul for a promotion that he worked hard for and is quite the honor:)

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