Sunday, July 22, 2012

Noelle 2 Months

 Noelle at 2 months:

  • Really good sleeper at night.
  • Still looks like Paul Jr.  
  • Finally lets me hold her in multiple position, and lets me put her down sometimes.
  • Cries when anyone but mommy holds her.  This is hard because dad just wants some lovin'.  Anyone else experience this?    :(
  • Wants to have conversations all day long.  
  • Smiles and coos often.  
  • Enjoys reading books.  Okay, just looking at them.
  • Still loves her Moby and swaddling.
  • Almost 10 pounds.
  • Hardly ever spits up (bonus!)
  • Loves her mobile.
  • Hates tummy time.


  1. I cannot get over her cuteness. She looks adorable in her baby legs. And she has about 10 days to get over her mommy only thing, bc she has no choice when I see her. :)

  2. She is soooo adorable. Wish I was coming to CA so I could see her.
    FYI - most babies hate tummy time.

  3. A mama's girl and she sleeps through the night? She is adorable. Nice photography, there!