Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We took Noelle to Utah for the first time.  We had her blessed there, but decided to spend a whole week meeting everyone.  Biggest deal:  She got to meet BOTH of her UNCLES!  Yeah, it was pretty cool and Ethan and Abram are legit uncles and they were so cute with her.  Second biggest deal:  Our trip broke Noelle of her NoOneCanHoldMeExceptMommy problem.  It took a couple fussy days, but she let daddy and everyone else hold her by the time we left.  Hallelujah!  Here is the proof:

Our trip to Utah was a reminder to me that it is all about family.  Paul and I want Noelle to grow up with family.  We don't know how to make that happen, but we want it by golly!  Here are some more pics from the week.  We got to see so many friends and family that we love- I wish we'd taken more pictures!


  1. Now you need to come visit so I can hold her. I'm so happy she's out of that phase! Her blessing dress was so cute. what a special time.

  2. What a special time with all the family - and how wonderful she could wear your blessing dress.

  3. I wish I was there to hold Noelle. What a beautiful blessing dress. I can't wait to see more pictures. Love ya lots!