Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oakland, California

UPDATE from previous blog post:  I now have a Misty May/Kerri Walsh poster hanging above my little desk upstairs.  LOL.  Thank you Paul!

Noelle and I took a trip to Oakland, CA the first week in August for Rebekah Hilton's WEDDING!  Who doesn't love a wedding weekend?  We joined my favorite friend Diane and her baby Spencer there.

Oakland is such a hip city!!  Honestly, I was a little nervous because when you think Oakland you think gangs.  Ok, at least I do.  But the temple and grounds were SO beautiful.  And my dad's cousin Patricia let us stay with her and her neighborhood and house were fun.  Patricia is sooo hip and she spoiled Diane and I!  And she even didn't get mad at me since I forgot to tell her I don't like fish and she bought salmon for dinner.

Here are Patricia and the babies.  Look how much they love her!  Haha:)

And here are Spencer and Noelle rockin' out:

Holding hands?

It was the most perfect wedding day for Bekah, and I got to see more friends and old roommates.  Oh, it was so wonderful!  Bekah and Peter's sealing was beautiful and I'm so happy they found each other.  Here are some pictures (thanks to Nathalie for taking them!) of the beautiful bride and dear friends.  I hope we get to have another reunion soon.

Bekah looked SO gorgeous:
Tennessee girls Diane, Tessa, and Nathalie:
Diane, Erin, Megan, Emily, Nathalie, and me:

Congratulations to Bekah and Peter and thanks for getting married so we could all see each other!

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