Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Noelle's Blessing Day

 Noelle was blessed by her father on her 3 month birthday, and it was just beautiful, and she was just beautiful.  She wore the same dress I wore for my baby blessing.  It was a very meaningful day for us because we had soooo many friends and family come to the blessing and the lunch.  

She is one loved little girl!


  1. Aww. So glad she is letting other's hold her now. She is seriously so dang adorable. Your trip looks like heaven. Love you!

  2. She's SOOOOOOO cute!!! I wish we lived in Utah so I could have seen you guys. I'm really starting to fear that I may never ever ever ever ever see you again and it crushes my heart! You should convince family to move to Boise, and you and Paul should find a way to make that your goal as WELL. ;) SUCH a long shot. SO sad! Love and miss you guys!!