Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Months Old

We celebrated Noelle's 5 month birthday this past weekend.  She is adorable and I feel like she is HUGE all of a sudden.  And she is made of 100 percent milk.  Weird.  

She is rolling around, laughing, doing high pitched screams, trying to grab anything in front of her, sleeping pretty well (some glitches due to trying to wean from the swaddle), and, after working very hard on their relationship, loving her daddy.  

We celebrated her birthday by going to baby hour at the library.  It was baby signs day, and while Noelle did not actually do any sign language, she couldn't stop smiling the whole time, and she was in some sort of I-just-spent-half-an-hour-with-twelve-other-babies-and-there-were-amazing-toys-and-so-much-to-look-at-induced high.  I took these pics right after and she was so exhausted but so happy lol:  

I don't know who's more excited for Baby Hour at the library next week- me or her.  Probably me:)  

Anyway, here are some exciting pics from her fifth month of life.  She sure is a cutie.  Pause button, anyone?


  1. I love the pic of her and Paul. She is so cute! We love library time too.

  2. Oh my goodness! She is the cutest little gal! I love her beautiful blue eyes!

  3. I love the one of her eating her toes and the one where she's got the ice cream. Noelle is too cute!