Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Helen's 95th

While Cheyenne was having its first winter snow storm, we headed to sunny SoCal to celebrate Paul's Grandma's 95th birthday.  Helen is still beautiful and sharp as a tack:

Noelle got to see Grandpa Dan again:

We made a trip to Mount Baldy and Noelle and I both had our first experience on a ski lift.  On top of Mount Baldy, Noelle decided it was the perfect place to poop all over herself.  So she went up Mt Baldy in one outfit, and down in another haha.  

 Noelle loved meeting Grandma Helen, and we also got to meet and spend a lot of time with Paul's cousins Stephanie and Leigh and their families, and Dan's cousin Nancy.  Oh, it was SO fun!  And Noelle got lots of fun attention.  Here is the big par-tay on Sunday:  

Happy birthday to Helen!

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